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The Fabulous Falsies

By the Southern Belle “I saw some eye stuff called The Falsies. What is that? An eyeliner? A mascara?” The questions were poised by my co-worker Jemal, a consummate sports writer who, like most men, didn’t find it necessary to commit to memory the nuanced differences between mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and other cosmetics that … Continue reading

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Sublimely Bronze: L’Oreal Sublime Bronzers

By the Southern Belle In the fall and winter, I have what one might describe as porcelain skin. In the spring and summer months, crueler high school classmates had other terms for it – “powder” and “invisible skin” are standouts. I don’t really tan. I burn. Sure, by the end of a summer I might … Continue reading

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Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows invites you to ‘Use Me!’

by the Southern Belle ***EDIT 3/13/10: Unfortunately, the Book of Shadows is now sold out. Read our newest post to see how you can try to score a free one! If you’re lucky enough to have purchased one of these babies, go to the UD website here to watch videos on how to use the … Continue reading

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CoverGirl’s new ShineBlast lip gloss a ShineBust

CoverGirl’s new ShineBlast lip gloss a ShineBust by the Southern Belle I like me some lip gloss. My sister, the Boston Belle, will tell you that when I made the move from my signature deep burgundy lips that marked my high school and college years to sheer, glossy lips I never looked back. Purses that … Continue reading