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Don’t Sweat It: Part Deux

By the Boston Belle So we’ve reviewed before our favorite deod sans anti-perspirant: Lavanila (read all about the anti-perspirant/deodorant debate here as well as our review of Lavanila!). But after churning through their tiny 1.8 oz. sticks like they were going out of style, this belle wanted something equally natural and effective, but without the … Continue reading

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Makeup’s Magic Bullet: L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base

By The Boston Belle I can’t wax on enough about the glories of primer. It’s like having a horrible visible granny panty line in your bandage dress: you’re wearing the dress, but it would look that much more fabulous if you sported some Spanx instead. In a similar fashion, you can slap on makeup and … Continue reading

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Don’t Sweat It: The Great Deodorant Debate

by the Boston Belle To continue this stretch of personal hygiene products, I feel a strong urge to discuss deodorants and anti-perspirants, cuz let’s be honest- we all use ’em and we are all confused by the myriad options out there. So let’s first discuss deodorant vs. anti-perspirants. Most “deodorants” we purchase today are a … Continue reading

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A Whole lotta Moisturizin’ Love

by the Boston Belle Ok, so they’re not as interesting as smudgeproof eyeliner or holy grail lip stains, but moisturizers are a daily necessity whether we like it or not. They can be greasy, runny, expensive, dirt cheap, and just plain horrible. But not CeraVe. This was recommended by my dermatologist for using in tandem … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Trade: Dimensional and Lasting Shadow

by the Boston Belle Many women are scared to even attempt eyeshadow- that vast array of colorful powders that tends to confuse and scare us all. But probably the most perplexing issue is how to get the damn shadow to just last. Or at least look something like the hue in the packaging when it’s … Continue reading