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The Fabulous Falsies

By the Southern Belle “I saw some eye stuff called The Falsies. What is that? An eyeliner? A mascara?” The questions were poised by my co-worker Jemal, a consummate sports writer who, like most men, didn’t find it necessary to commit to memory the nuanced differences between mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and other cosmetics that … Continue reading

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Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows invites you to ‘Use Me!’

by the Southern Belle ***EDIT 3/13/10: Unfortunately, the Book of Shadows is now sold out. Read our newest post to see how you can try to score a free one! If you’re lucky enough to have purchased one of these babies, go to the UD website here to watch videos on how to use the … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Trade: Dimensional and Lasting Shadow

by the Boston Belle Many women are scared to even attempt eyeshadow- that vast array of colorful powders that tends to confuse and scare us all. But probably the most perplexing issue is how to get the damn shadow to just last. Or at least look something like the hue in the packaging when it’s … Continue reading