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Don’t Sweat It: Part Deux

By the Boston Belle So we’ve reviewed before our favorite deod sans anti-perspirant: Lavanila (read all about the anti-perspirant/deodorant debate here as well as our review of Lavanila!). But after churning through their tiny 1.8 oz. sticks like they were going out of style, this belle wanted something equally natural and effective, but without the … Continue reading

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Sublimely Bronze: L’Oreal Sublime Bronzers

By the Southern Belle In the fall and winter, I have what one might describe as porcelain skin. In the spring and summer months, crueler high school classmates had other terms for it – “powder” and “invisible skin” are standouts. I don’t really tan. I burn. Sure, by the end of a summer I might … Continue reading

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Don’t Sweat It: The Great Deodorant Debate

by the Boston Belle To continue this stretch of personal hygiene products, I feel a strong urge to discuss deodorants and anti-perspirants, cuz let’s be honest- we all use ’em and we are all confused by the myriad options out there. So let’s first discuss deodorant vs. anti-perspirants. Most “deodorants” we purchase today are a … Continue reading