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Mama Mia 2 – Clarisonic’s Skin Cleansing Hit

To break up the L’Oreal lovefest, I will now focus on the one beauty product that has absolutely altered my life. The Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleaning System.

Clarisonic Mia 2 Contents

I know. It’s really expensive. At ~$149 (the original Mia can be found for ~$119), this is not something you lightly purchase. But here is why you do:

This cleans the hell out of your skin. If you thought you were washing your face well before, you were wrong. I’ve even used the Mia after my usual face cleansing routine and more makeup ended up on the brush. Ridiculous! Not only that, but your skin will absorb anything you put on it much better- acne medications, lotions, wrinkle creams, you name it, the Mia exfoliates and preps your skin amazingly for it.

I used to have to spend a lot of time in the morning sloughing off dead and flaky skin before applying makeup. Never with the Mia. The Mia has literally changed my skin and my life.

Now, is it worth it to splurge on the Mia 2? It boasts 2 speeds and a one year warranty; however, I don’t notice much of a difference between the two settings. I think getting the regular ol’ original Mia would work just as well.

Pros: Results in amazing skin. Pores appear smaller and skin feels super smooth. Products work more effectively when used in conjunction with the Mia. Easy and fun to use. Comes in a variety of colors and prints and include a brush, trial cleanser, travel case, and charging cord.

Cons: Pricy. Need to replace brush heads ~ every 3 months and cost ~$25. Unit is bulky and requires charging every 2 weeks or so.

Warning: Be sure to NOT use any microbead/scrub/acid cleanser with this brush. Your skin will become really irritated.

I also enjoyed the trial size of the Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser so much that I purchased the full size product. My skin seems to really like it and it also works best out of all of my cleanser with the Mia. It even has a controlled amount of salicylic acid in it for that little acne-fighting kick.

While the price is not something to sneeze at, you’ll be glad you bit the bullet and shelled out for this. Cosmetics, lotions, expensive wrinkle treatments, cleansers, sunscreen- they’re all pretty much worthless if your skin hasn’t been touched by the Mia first. So do your skin (and your wallet, and your existing medicine cabinet, and me!) a favor and give this a try! And tell me – how do you prefer to wash your face every day? 

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