Cleanser / Skincare Reviews

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

I knew nothing about this product when I purchased it except that it was part of a cheap duo deal at CVS. I wasn’t really in the market for any kind of cleanser or scrub, but I figured eh, why not. And thank the lord I did.

Never did I ever think a cleanser could do so much. Especially a cleanser under $10 that I had no expectations for. It smells and feels absolutely luxurious- it’s creamy and luscious, yet punctuated with exfoliating beads. When I couple it with my CVS brand single buff-puff square, it does fabulous things.

The stuff cleans your face completely and leaves it feeling invigorated, fresh, and super clean. What you won’t expect is how differently your face will look days later. I was astonished by my diminished pores and the absolute improved texture and color of my skin. When I traveled for a few days without this stuff, my face quickly looked blander, greyer, and broken out. I will certainly cram this stuff into a travel-friendly 3 ounce bottle before I go anywhere from here on out.

The salicylic acid in this scrub helps to keep acne at bay and to refinish the surface of your skin.  While this is all well and good, you will experience some dryness along the way. All this resurfacing doesn’t happen magically- the reality is that it will slough off your skin. So be prepared to exfoliate flakies and moisturize like it’s your job and you’ll be fine.

So if you appreciate and strive for beautiful flawless skin, trying Biore’s pore unclogging scrub will be worth your while.

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