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Don’t Sweat It: Part Deux

By the Boston Belle

So we’ve reviewed before our favorite deod sans anti-perspirant: Lavanila (read all about the anti-perspirant/deodorant debate here as well as our review of Lavanila!). But after churning through their tiny 1.8 oz. sticks like they were going out of style, this belle wanted something equally natural and effective, but without the $18 price sting. Enter the new line of deodorant, DeoDry Dry-Effect by The Body Shop.

Available in both 1.9 oz. sticks and 1.60 fl.oz. refillable roll-ons (refills are $6), there are three scents: Chilled and Breezy (blue cap), Cool and Zesty (green cap), and Fresh and Floral (Pink cap). I have to admit that upon first sniffs, the scents weren’t too enticing. The pink floral was a bit too, banal-ly floral? And the green zesty just smelled herbal-ly- and not in a good way. I settled on the chilled and breezy blue as it seemed the freshest and cleanest smelling of the bunch. It was part of a big Body Shop promotion so I think I ended up purchasing the stick for about $5. I picked the stick because my experience with roll-ons has always left me underwhelmed and, well, stinky.

The scent is pleasant, but not over-bearing, yet persistent (see pic below from their breakdown of the different essential oils and scents in each deod). The brand touts 24 hour odor protection and I am wont to believe them. After this Boston belle spent a sweltering weekend in the big apple, this deod. had a tough trial period. Unlike the humid avenues and stinking subways, my armpits were anything but: the scent persevered through it all and was either equal to or possibly better than my Lavanila. It’s still a little early in the game, but I think my bank account has already made up its mind on the clear winner. While it’s not your typical $4 deodorant, one swipe of this stuff and you won’t want to bother with any other “natural” brands that never quite work. What’s even better? The good people at The Body Shop have used community trade aloe vera and alcohol and the refillable roll-ons ease the price pinch while trying to help the planet out- pretty admirable steps.

The deets from The Body Shop website itself:

Best if you want to: Stay dry with a stick deodorant that works in a more natural, yet effective way. Enjoy effective 24-hour odor protection with our unique blend of volcanic minerals and refreshing essential oils with a cool, breezy scent. Contains no aluminum salts or parabens!

Best for: all skin types

How it works:

  • Community Trade aloe vera from Guatemala is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties — perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Community Trade alcohol is made from alcohol which comes from the organic sugar cane farmers of the CADO cooperative in Ecuador.
  • A unique volcanic mineral absorbs moisture to help keep you dry.

So do your pits, your pockets, and the planet a favor and give this deod a whirl. If you’re like this belle, you won’t be straying from DeoDry any time soon.


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