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Clarins’ New Gentle Beauty Soap Just so-so

Clarins 'Gentle Beauty' Soap

by the Southern Belle

I received a full sample of Clarins new Gentle Beauty Soap from Belk, Inc. this spring. It’s a 5.3-ounce round of soap that smells delightful. When I opened the box, the smell was delightful – much like walking into an Aveda store. It’s a very earthy, herbal, citrusy scent.

The soap is made for face and body and can be used morning or night. It’s certified organic with 99 percent natural ingredients. (What’s the 1 percent?) Dermatologist-tested, the soap is touted by Clarins as a gentle, delicately fragranced cleanser that leaves skin fresh while preserving natural hydration and pH balance. Ingredients include shea butter, hazelnut oil, essential oils and geranium and cangzhu.

I promptly put the soap in my shower and have been using it for more than a month to wash my face and body. It’s scent is undeniably delightful. (Could I mention that ONE more time? It smells great!) It makes my skin feel clean – almost squeaky clean. I find it a bit drying, however, and at $15 per bar can’t imagine I would run out and purchase this when it runs out.

I have sensitive skin and the soap hasn’t caused any breakouts, for which I’m grateful. It seems moisturizing and silky when it goes on, but after my face and body have dried, I feel dry.

I understand Clarins’ need to produce a gentle beauty soap to compete with others that have been on the market and loved for quite some time – Clinique, I’m looking at you. But this just doesn’t wow me. The scent’s a keeper. The soap is so-so.

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