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Urban Decay Lipstick: The Real “Buzzkill” is the Taste


by the Southern Belle

About a year ago, I went looking for a nude lipstick that wouldn’t be as boring as my bare lips. I needed a shade that took my own natural color and made it pop. This is easier said than done.

Most nude shades come out looking like Silly Putty. Some are lovely cadaver shades. Others might just make you look all wrong. Just because it says “nude” doesn’t mean it’s your shade of nude.

I happened across Urban Decay’s “Midnight Cowboy” lipstick. Like its eye shadow by the same name, it’s a creamy nude with fine gold and silver glitter. It’s very understated, but I liked how even after the color faded a fine dusting of glitter remained sparkling up my lips. I remember thinking it had a weird, bitter taste to it, but it faded over time and settled into what the company touts as a subtle crème de caramel taste and scent.

The lipstick tube is big, bulky and awkward. The company actually is thrilled about the casing, which is described as “made from weighty, purple metal” and “pierced with a mini gunmetal dagger.” Just what every girl wants rattling around her bag, right? I would imagine even the most gothic of girls might not want her lipstick tube stabbing her through her baggy pants’ pocket, am I right?

The lipstick broke fairly early on. I kept the broken one for home use but loved the shade so much I purchased another. This time the taste was extremely bitter. Again, much like the first tube, it faded fairly quickly and I didn’t mind it.

In searching for a pink shade for spring, I returned to the Urban Decay line and really liked the look of Buzzkill. It’s a deep rose shade that can either be applied sheer or built up to a deep pink. It’s not necessarily a shade I normally wear, but it made my skin pop.

This one has the worst taste by far. Thinking it couldn’t just be a coincidence I did what an curious belle might do and consulted the Internet. Apparently what many have described as the “nasty ass” taste of Urban Decay’s lipstick is pretty well-known and may, or may not, be confined to a few shades. (There seems to be a difference of opinion on this.) I read one commentary in which someone described the lipstick’s taste as “slowly being poisoned throughout the course of the day.”

Truthfully, that’s exactly what this lipstick tastes like. Echoing what many already have stated in cyberspace: What the hell is Urban Decay thinking? And, it’s such a shame. It really is a nice shade.

This taste does not crème de caramel make. At least if you enjoy your crème de caramel without a generous helping of rat poison.

Please, Urban Decay, I beg you – reformulate your lipsticks post-haste! Offer refunds to all the disgruntled belles with battery-acid tasting lipsticks! At $22 per tube, I could poison myself for much cheaper. It’s not cool for your lips to taste like antifreeze. The only cool thing I want on my lips is your cool shades. Please make this happen! (And maybe lose the daggers before someone pokes their own eye out.)

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