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New York State of Mind

by the Boston Belle

So I may be a little late in posting my Valentine’s faves, but after my holiday weekend in the Big Apple, I was inspired to share a fabulous red lipstick with everyone. I was so excited to spend one of the best holidays in the city and loved the heart decorations and flying cupids featured in windowfronts and doorframes. But when the day came, I was dismayed to find that New Yorkers were unable to shed their cloaks of black. There was nary a festive pin, scarf, or lip gloss let alone heart necklace or red dress. What is up, New York?! February 14th is the one day that grown women can don hearts and all shades of pink, red, and magenta without being pegged as puerile. But for those still unwilling to overtly celebrate the day, try this lipstick on for size for a pop of color.

It’s Christian Dior’s Diorific 013 Rouge Bingo (Roulette Red).    After Givenchy went on hiatus and took my favorite blue-red lipstick with it, I found this expensive and beautiful Dior to serve as a substitute. I think it may have been phased out of their current makeup collections by now as I can’t find it on their website, but it is certainly available online through various sources. It smells deliciously expensive (read: perfumed, but not in the L’Oreal lipstick horrible way) and is perfectly matte with just enough moisture to not totally dry you out. The angled tip is perfect for lining and then filling in lips with the broad slant. Without doubt one of my favorite go-to reds that seems to look great on most anyone. It may be a pain to hunt down now, but it’s well worth the search. Pictures below are a stock photo and a photo I took of my grimey tube to try to provide a better idea of the coloring. So take a hint, New Yorkers, and get in a festive state of mind in the slightest by trying this Dior out.

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