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CoverGirl’s new ShineBlast lip gloss a ShineBust

CoverGirl’s new ShineBlast lip gloss a ShineBust

by the Southern Belle

I like me some lip gloss. My sister, the Boston Belle, will tell you that when I made the move from my signature deep burgundy lips that marked my high school and college years to sheer, glossy lips I never looked back. Purses that once were filled with matte-finish deep-red lipsticks now overflow with tubes of glassy gloss in every shape and size. It doesn’t matter if I already have 10 shades of nude gloss or three shades of sheer berry. It can never be enough.

And so it was that I found myself purchasing CoverGirl’s new ShineBlast lip gloss. Touted as “light-reflecting shimmer layered under a high gloss finish” that “gives you four times more noticeable shine” (versus bare lips, the CG Web site clarifies – give me a break. My spit has at least two-times more shine than my bare lips), the gloss even comes with CG’s trademarked “ShineSculpt” applicator that “hugs the curves of your lips for a sculpted shimmer behind the shine.”

Let me tell you right now that that’s a bunch of high-shine B.S.

The applicator tip is a fuzzy, slanted gloss applicator that has, get this, grooves in it. I guess that’s the sculpting action that’s supposed to hug the curves of my lips. Even if it did, I’m not sure anyone would notice as the gloss is extremely sheer, relatively thin and wears off pretty quickly. Glosses aren’t meant to last. I get that. But this doesn’t even come close to lasting.

The scent and taste of the gloss is appealing. It has kind of a cinnamon hint to it. But it burns my lips a little and really isn’t bringing much to the shine-blasting table.

I would argue that maybe a darker shade would fare better in the sculpting department (I purchased the gold “Flare/845” shade), however the nine customer reviews that currently are displayed on the Web site show an average of 2.7 out of 5 stars for the gloss. Most reviews site a lack of color, definition, staying power and a lingering sticky texture. (It should be noted that it’s rather impressive CG shows visitors that the review average stands at an extremely precise 2.7 stars right now. There’s nothing like being detailed in how badly your lip gloss is bombing.)

At around $8 per tube, this pricy ShineBlast is a bust.


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